Thursday, May 6, 2010

Troy Turkish Grill - a cure for the Port Authority blues

Diva2 went off to play in NJ yesterday and got back to Port Authority later than she intended, right in the middle of rush hour, and she was hungry to boot. What to do? The choices in PA are by and large dreadful; there are far too many coffee and pastry joints and the smell of all that pastry is enough to sicken anyone.

Nip out the back door at 9th Avenue and go diagonally across the street to Troy Turkish Grill to wait out rush hour, that's what to do. Troy is small and narrow with seats for about 15 or so and the food is basic. I had the Adana Kebob (minced lamb seasoned with spices) grilled and served on yellow rice with a little salad of lettuce, tomato and red onion and accompanied by a large warm tasty pita. The whole thing was quite serviceable and the rice had a nice spicy tang to it; I think the small pieces of something green in the rice may have been hot peppers. That would certainly account for the spicy tang. I washed the whole thing down with a Stewart's root beer and felt I had certainly gotten value for my $12.65.

Added bonus: Diva2 got to stock up on the Tamek brand of Turkish sour cherry juice that Troy obligingly carries in its soda case. Can't find Tamek anything in my neighborhood but Troy always has the cherry juice. Downing one is like drinking a cherry pie.

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