Thursday, March 11, 2010

2 Times in 1 Day at 3 Guys

The Diner Divas were meeting up for an afternoon together on Manhattan's upper east side, so DinerDiva1 decided to have breakfast at 3 Guys Restaurant at 96th and Madison, knowing dinner would also be there later.

DinerDiva1 arrived at 3 Guys about 10:30 a.m. Promptly and cheerfully seated at one of the large booths by a window, she was handed the breakfast menu and immediately ordered a cup of black coffee, which arrived within seconds. She'd thought she was in the mood for a cheese-and-onion omelette, but didn't see that listed among the omelette offerings. Sure, she could have asked for it and no doubt it would not have been a problem, but she thought, since this was a late breakfast/early lunch combo, the equally filling corned beef hash with 2 eggs over easy would do just as nicely. This came with home fries and whole wheat toast. Both the hash browns and corned beef hash arrived with a bit of crunchy crust on them, which, while fine for the hash browns was not a favorite for the corned beef hash but certainly not a major turnoff. The toast was acceptable, nothing special, and the eggs were perfect. A full stomach and a refilled cup of coffee later, DinerDiva1 paid her modest $9.75 bill, plus tip, and went off to meet up with DinerDiva2.

Some hours later, DinerDivas1 and 2 were at 3 Guys together at a corner booth they'd chosen away from the windows and the door. Again, seating was prompt and cheerfully accomplished. DinerDiva2's immediate request for tea was promptly delivered and we settled in to survey the wide-ranging menu choices.

DinerDiva1's settled on the feta cheeseburger deluxe, well done. DinerDiva2's choice was spaghetti and meatballs and a mixed green salad to start with. A breadbasket of rolls arrived with the salad, which looked fresh and crisp if not particularly inspired, and DinerDiva2 allowed as how she was happy to have her veggies for the day. Then it was on to the main event:

While DinerDiva1 was munching happily away on her burger, DinerDiva2 declared her spaghetti and meatballs delicious and nicely prepared, topped with cheese freshly grated by the waiter at the table. She was also pleased that the sauce was not at all watery. DinerDiva1 rhapsodized about the cole slaw, which was not the usual tasteless diner variety, and noted that next time she'll ask for a larger portion of slaw in lieu of the fries and uninspired, though certainly fresh and crisp, lettuce and slice of tomato served with the deluxe plate. Portions were large: DinerDiva2 cleaned her plate, except for the french fries, and DinerDiva1 reluctantly couldn't finish all the spaghetti--it was just too much.

For dessert, DinerDiva1 treated herself to the so-advertised homemade rice pudding, which was cool and creamy, served with nutmeg and a small dollop of whipped cream. DinerDiva2 dove into a slice of carrot cake, nicely plated, and which she said was delicious with a slightly nutty flavor. Again, portions were large, so some got left on each plate, alas.

The waiter was attentive, no one hurried us out, the restroom, down a flight of stairs, was clean and bright, the bill for the 2 of us was $46 including tip. We've enjoyed 3 Guys at this location before; we will no doubt enjoy it again. It truly is a pleasant eating experience -- enough for one of us, at least, to happily do it twice in one day.

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