Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Poland - Big Disappointments #2

Diva2 here: I had occasion to be around 2nd Avenue and 12th Street on Sunday, so a stop into Little Poland, a neighborhood favorite, was in order. Oh, Little Poland, you let me down. The Red Borscht was anemic in color and tasteless; if I had closed my eyes I wouldn't have known there were beets in the soup, plus it was hot. Sorry, that's wrong; it should be cold. Next came Beef Stroganoff, which was quite tasty, but the sauce was overly pink - too much paprika I suspect. Here is the kicker though; it comes with 2 sides and the waitress had to clue me in that I should order noodles as one of the sides because "the Stroganoff doesn't come with noodles". Come on now, who serves this without noodles, seriously? I also ordered Red Cabbage; it was red all right, purple in fact, but cold and utterly tasteless - no caraway seeds, no onion or apple or raisins - nothing. Dessert was a perfectly ordinary piece of babka; not good, not bad, but totally unmemorable. Little Poland, I've loved you in the past; were you having an off day or is our romance over for good?

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